How Miracle Flights for Kids Performs Miracles

The mission of Miracle Flights for Kids is simple but profound. They want to make sure no sick child ever fails to get the medical help they need because their family can’t afford to buy an airline ticket. To their founders and to the volunteers who work with them, who are often called “Miracle Makers,” that is unfair and wrong, so they try to alleviate that problem for as many children and families as possible.

When a family applies for a ticket, Miracle Flights for Kids will ensure that flight request is fulfilled as soon as possible for any underserved families who need their help. Eligibility is flat simple; the child just needs a a doctor’s referral, a confirmation of the appointment and income verification. The Miracle Makers at Miracle Flights for Kids are trying to help as many as possible and they are doing a great job, since they have received numerous awards, and they are considered a top nonprofit. Of course, the 100,000 flights they have provided, covering tens of millions of miles, may have helped with that, also.

The Miracle Flights for Kids Mission